Growing up, I would snatch whatever Albert Payson Terhune or Jim Kjelgaard books I could find at the library.  I wanted nothing more than to have Lad of Sunnybank Farm or Big Red for my best friend.  That was true friendship, I thought.  In high school, I started buying every antique dog book I could find.  Who wouldn’t want Kavik the Wolfdog at their side?  Or Navarre of the North and Silver Chief?  Those individuals and their dogs had true connection, deep and abiding.  I did eventually find that soul embracing connection with two of my Border Collies and it has surpassed my childhood dreams.  It has caused me to look for that moment of friendship in my sessions with clients.  While not everyone wants in front of the camera, preferring their dog to take the stage, it is an incredible chance to imprint that bond visually, forever.

I decided to post some of my all time favorite connections from my clients over the years for this weeks Project 52 Blog Circle themed “Pets and People”.  They are memorable and occasionally brought tears to my client’s eyes.  The first is one that has been shown many times on my website and at events.  It is of Meagan and her Zin.  Zin passed away a couple of years ago from cancer and we were able to spend a wonderful day together, catching those visual memories to store away long after Zin was gone.  They had one of those deep relationships and you can see it here.

Another favorite is this recent image of Dodger and his girl, Kendall.  We met to capture some images for Kendall before she moved East and left Dodger behind with her mom.  Despite all the family in their house, Dodger clearly was tied to Kendall.

Then there is the image of Nicole and her Pepper.  I chose to do the edit in black and white because the story needed to be the focus.  Black and white can still the mind, bring the subject to focus, and release the story to our emotions.  Nicole has this image printed in a barnwood frame for her bedroom.

And, yes, men do love their dogs, too!  I caught a totally random, unplanned shot of Monster the Malamute with his guy, David.  It isn’t always necessary to show an owner’s face in a shot.  Sometimes, the relationship is relayed in a simple interaction like a side hug.  Or, like a hand reaching down to pet a soft head such as the image shown with Jack and his Wendy.

Finally, there is the love of a child and her dog.  The connection that I grew up longing for but didn’t have quite yet with our family dogs.  Billie has that with his girl, Grace.  And, so does River with her boy, Aric.  River is a diabetic alert dog and recently saved Aric’s life!  That is the stuff books are made of.  Amazing dog!

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