This week’s Project 52 theme focuses on each photographer’s favorite song.  A difficult task for me as I have a wide assortment of favorites.  But, if I were to name one that tends to lead the list, it would be ‘Winterspell’ composed by Thomas Bergersen for Two Steps from Hell (an odd name for an innocuous production company).  Thomas creates what is known as “epic” music, some of which is often used for movie trailers.

‘Winterspell’ is a joy to listen to.  It is a lively reel with gorgeous instrumental work, expansive choral sounds, and fantastic drums!  It makes me feel glad no matter what the type of day I’m in.  If I were to picture it in terms of pet photography, I decided that my mom’s new English Setter puppy, Haven, would fit the bill better than my own dogs.  Haven is full of life, bounding and frolicking in the snow right now.  Everything and everyone is hers for the taking.  Youth, that perpetually inexhaustible energy and buoyancy.  One minute she is scooping up gravel into her mouth (she literally tries to eat anything) and the next minute she is pawing for my lens cap, hoping it will do something interesting.  If I had been playing the song ‘Winterspell’ while photographing all of her antics, it would have felt right at home.  It certainly helped that the snow hadn’t quite melted yet and that we are technically still in Winter until next week.

If you find that you really enjoyed listening to ‘Winterspell’, I highly recommend listening to Thomas Bergersen’s ‘Empire of Angels’, as well.  It is a close 2nd favorite.  I nearly chose it for this theme and went so far as to buy digital angel wings to make Bron into an angel dog.  When I get some spare time I’ll go ahead and tackle that idea since I’ve never done a composite image before.

For more Favorite Songs images, continue through the blog circle to Danyel Rogers, Photographer for Wag to my Heart, serving the Portland Metro Area.