"Rachel does more than take a pretty photo - she captures the personality and very essence of her subjects." ~ Megan D., Pullman, WA

Touched By a Dog Sessions



My session process and investment is easy peasy.  When you book with Touched By a Dog Photography, you get a completely customized experience to match your specific needs and look. 

I want you to enjoy a luxurious occasion where you and your dog are the guest of honor.

There are no packages to confuse you.  There are no hordes of products to overwhelm you. 

My product line-up contains a handful of high quality photographic items.  Each are of surpassing beauty, produced by some of the best labs in the country. Your satisfaction in the quality of your products is 100% guaranteed.



Sessions start at $200 with ALL of it becoming a product credit after the session.


We have a pre-consult phone call where you tell me about yourself and your session needs.  That will determine the location for your photos and the length of time we would need to accomplish your goals.  It is at this time where I send you my Studio Guide so that you can plan out the products you desire.

After your session, we meet in my Studio to view your images and place your order.  I will treat you to plenty of goodies and a fun time! 
































































Wondering if your dog is too shy, nervous, hyper, etc…for a session? They can’t sit, stay, or down? No worries! I have worked with ALL kinds of dog behavior.  In fact, the majority of my clients come to me with the usual behaviors you would see in a companion dog. It is okay if they don’t listen! I take my time with each dog and know how to respond to various behaviors so that both you and the dog(s) are comfortable. We go over all your dog’s behaviors prior to the session so that you have the best experience possible.

Concerned about your dog remaining on leash? I’ve got you covered! Each image is expertly edited for leashes and collar removal so that you won’t see a trace of either. If you want your dog off leash during your session, he/she will need to be 100% reliable on a recall. And, it will be dependent on our location as most major parks in the county have leash laws.


 Our homes are a reflection of who we are and what we value.  We fill the empty walls with art and images that bring us beauty, joy, and memories.  That essence helps to create our sense of home and family.  Using images that mean the most to you, printed products from Touched By a Dog Photography is what most clients choose to invest in for their home.  A variety of styles, types, and finishes are available.  Click on the images to the left to view samples.