“The one absolute, unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world
–the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous–is his dog.”

~ The Trial of Old Drum


Dogs are our kindred spirits.  They are the best friends who so often come into our lives when we need it most.

Dogs touch our souls deep, lasting, and lingering.

As one of the first premier pet photographers in Eastern Washington (Spokane, Spokane Valley, Deer Park), Touched By a Dog Photography artfully and expertly captures your pet, to honor and preserve their likeness for decades.  

There are several pet photographers in the Spokane area.  How do I know who to choose to capture my dog’s image?  

You’re right!  Spokane now has many pet photographers to choose from and that is a wonderful thing!  Some of us have even connected together and become supportive friends.

We each have our individual photographic styles and expertise.  That means you get to choose the right fit for you.  Touched By a Dog images delight in story telling and dreamy edits.  Your dog becomes my photographic canvas.   

What can I gift to you that you won’t get elsewhere?

1 ~ As a long time dog trainer, I can work with ANY dog personality.  Reactive, grumpy, un-trained, silly…you name it.

2 ~ I am the only local pet photographer with an education and background in Interior Design.  My design expertise helps immensely with choosing wall art for your home.

3 ~ Touched By a Dog is a luxurious experience!  I do not take a high volume of clients which means that each of my clients get an exclusive and thoroughly customized session.

4 ~ Touched By a Dog is now offering digitally hand-rendered paintings!  You can’t get that anywhere in Spokane.  This allows an opening for pets that cannot make it to location photo sessions (cats, lizards, horses, goats, etc…).  




It’s time to create your dog’s story…

Why choose Touched By a Dog Photography for your dog’s session?

Touched By A Dog precisely focuses on your dog’s personality. I want you to see the face and expression of the companion who captivates your heart. As a dog trainer who has spent 36 years in the world of dog sports, I know canine behavior thoroughly. I have the skills to work with all kinds of dogs regardless of their temperament or knowledge of obedience commands. Touched By a Dog also exclusively offers interior design expertise in the selection and coordination of wall art galleries. There are very few photographers who offer that expertise. A mastery in the arts and dog know-how combine to give you an incredibly unique experience. We all have photos taken of our families, weddings, births, anniversaries, graduations. Why not our dogs, too? They are family, after all.

Touched By a Dog Photography ~ capturing the paws that
captivate your heart in Spokane, WA.