“The one absolute, unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world
–the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous–is his dog.”

~ The Trial of Old Drum

Hello! I’m Rachel, and I have spent my entire life in the company of dogs. I know what it is to have an unbreakable bond with the most wonderful animal on Earth. To work side by side with an animal of great intelligence, grace, and devotion. That bond should be celebrated, honored, and remembered.

As one of the first premier pet photographers in Eastern Washington (Spokane, Spokane Valley, Deer Park), Touched By a Dog Photography visually captures the bond between dog and owner, to honor and preserve it for decades. Originally named Hoof N Paw Fine Art & Photography, I started my pet photography journey in 2014. There were only a couple of part time pet centered photography studios in the Spokane region at the time.  I knew that remembering our pets was as important as family.  So, I set out to fill a need for exclusive and fashionable pet photography in our city.  It has been an incredible journey and I still love it more than anything I’ve done before.  I continue to work hard at being the best dog tog I can be for my clients.  

Prior to photography, I was a professional interior designer working with a number of home builders in the Spokane area. On the side, I continued my mom’s legacy of training dogs for competition and teaching dog training classes at a local dog club. To this day, I try to teach classes to the public whenever I can.  So, not only are my clients getting an interior designer with adept attention to detail and an art background but also someone with decades of dog training experience.  I can work with trained and untrained dogs.  In addition, I have been a part of an international pet photography community for four years where I have frequently earned image of the month honors and developed key relationships in the industry. My clients receive a high quality, full-service experience.

The dog of my heart, Bron, became one of the main inspirations for the re-branding of Hoof N Paw into Touched By a Dog Photography. I wanted a business that fully reflected the impact dogs have on our lives. Bron was a vital friend during a series of health issues and inspired me to get up each day. I know that many lives have also been touched by their dogs. My goal is to capture the individual personality of each dog and the essence of their bond with their human best friend. I want each client to come away with a valued experience and gorgeous images.

In addition, I have a wild love for printed wall art that I enjoy sharing. Technology isn’t stationary and will outpace the ability for digitals to withstand the test of time. Quality products, fun memories, and excellent service are a must at Touched By a Dog.  

It’s time to create your dog’s story…

Why choose Touched By a Dog Photography for your dog’s session?

Touched By A Dog precisely focuses on your dog’s personality. I want you to see the face and expression of the companion who captivates your heart. As a dog trainer who has spent 36 years in the world of dog sports, I know canine behavior thoroughly. I have the skills to work with all kinds of dogs regardless of their temperament or knowledge of obedience commands. Touched By a Dog also exclusively offers interior design expertise in the selection and coordination of wall art galleries. There are very few photographers who offer that expertise. A mastery in the arts and dog know-how combine to give you an incredibly unique experience. We all have photos taken of our families, weddings, births, anniversaries, graduations. Why not our dogs, too? They are family, after all.

Touched By a Dog Photography ~ capturing the paws that
captivate your heart in Spokane, WA.