“You can have anything you want if you dress for it.” – Edith Head

For Missy Moo, having the right gown is a must. Not only does she know how to strut her stuff like a professional but she also has a wardrobe of custom gowns to die for. She knows when the camera is on her and when it is off.

Missy Moo met with me back in June as part of my breed champion model call under my old business name. With the inundated task of re-branding, her blog post fell to the wayside. Yet, she is the perfect candidate to open up Touched By a Dog Photography’s first blog post! Not only did I have a lovely Chihuahua champion and model to work with, I had the pleasure of photographing her “siblings”, too! Tara, a lovely black/tan dappled Dachshund, and Benny the long haired Dachshund. It was so much fun to see them all together!


As for Missy Moo, she has earned a breed championship title and also assists each year in modeling for the Canines on the Catwalk fundraiser which raises money for homeless pets in Spokane, WA. Her full registered name is Ch. Zuran’s No Miss Tak’n. Her breed, a Chihuahua, is thought to originally have developed in Mexico from a breed of dog called the Techichi. Images of the breed have been seen within pyramids in the country and in Mayan ruins. While its ancient purpose is unclear, the breed gained popularity in the 1960’s as an ideal companion dog perfectly suited to city dwelling. The breed is gentle and patient with low exercise requirements.



Thank you so much, Carolyn, for volunteering your crew for this project! They are a wonderful addition to the Touched By a Dog Photography client family!