I’m back, Project 52!  After just over a year hiatus from my pet photographer’s Project 52 blog circle, I am integrating the re-branded Touched By a Dog Photography back into the group.  The circle was immensely helpful with my old website and it is great fun to work on weekly themes with varying, creative interpretations.  This week’s theme was to create a Minimalist image.  So different from my usual work!  Minimalism is what I call ‘simple bliss’.  The term can be applied to a way of living, a building or interior, an art style, or philosophy.  It can be modern, contemporary, conceptual, or organic.  I just like that it is clean and SIMPLE.

In the case of minimalism in photography, creatives look for ways to highlight a subject with very little detail that could distract the viewer.  It could be a sand dune with one lone individual on the horizon.  Or, a bright winter field with one dark and leafless tree.  Some of my favorite images involve the use of bold color.  If I still lived in rural Spokane County on the prairie, I could step out my door and find what I imagine for this theme instantly.  However, living in town makes for its own set of challenges.  Which, I am more than happy to tackle.  While we still have the “yuck” factor of deep snow in transition to Spring, I put together the following image to represent my idea of minimalism right in my neighborhood.  As always, Bron was the obliging subject (why does his face have to turn grey!?  *tears*).

I used our backyard fence to create some vertical lines of interest and made sure that Bron was only a small portion of that space.  In some ways, the image could also fit under “high key” photography but I didn’t want the white to be so pure that it blinds the eyes.  There is enough grey to create some separation.  Ordinarily, I prefer a creamy, natural background to my images but this was a great exercise in putting together a simple, modern approach to minimal imagery.

To continue on within the Project 52 circle (highly recommend!), please go to Mikahla Dorey at Brackson Photography, Pet Photographer in Nova Scotia Canada