Here in Eastern Washington state, we get some amazing Fall colors.  The season is relatively sunny and dry which makes trips outside a delight for all.  One of my breed champion model winners specifically waited for this two month window where the flaming colors could perfectly compliment her champion eight year old miniature poodle, AM CH INTL CH Keja’s Smokin’ Six Shooter.  His call name is Pistol.  So perfect!

Pistol’s mom and groomer spent hours and hours of work sculpting his coat into perfection for his session.  I had a lot of questions regarding the specific reasons behind a Poodle cut and found some of the requirements originated out of specific need when its predecessor, the standard poodle, was frequently used for duck hunting.  As is often the case, the earliest information about Poodles in general come from central Asia and France.  However, the breed was given the most influence by the Germans who referred to the breed as “pudel” which meant to splash or paddle.  That is where the name came about.  In France, the breed was most notable for its assistance in duck hunting and it was there that the poodle clip was enhanced and where miniature poodles gained popularity.  The miniature variety were particularly sought after by fashionable French women and aristocracy.

Due to a Poodle’s very thick outer coat becoming very heavy from water, the lower half of the dog’s body was shaved back to assist the dogs ability to float.  In addition, the cold temperatures of the lakes and ponds where hunters sought ducks caused owners to keep the hair long over the chest and head to keep internal organs warm.  Poms on the joints and ankles were created to protect joints from rheumatism and the fun topknot kept all that long fur out of the eyes when swimming.  The more extravagant poodle clips were indulged by the French nobility.

While Pistol could care less how he looks, he cuts a striking figure when in full coat and clip.

When asked what his personality is like, Pistol responded that, “My red hair color gives a clue to my personality.  I love to be the center of attention.  I live with my dad, mom, and brother who also have champion titles.  I Love to bark at the wind, un-stuff squeaky toys, chase squirrels up the trees, pick on my brother, and never turn down a good treat.”  At the end of his session, Pistol amused us with his athletic prowess catching falling leaves.  He was a definite treat to photograph!